Is this the best time to bet on half time/full time 1/X

A half time/full time bet represents a form of double bet, which is made on a particular match. In general, this type of wager is a straightforward multibet that combines two single stakes into a single wager. However, this bet is often packaged differently by bookmakers. This makes it more readily available and more popular among punters.

While placing this form of wager is most frequently done while betting on soccer, it is also done when betting on Australian sports like AFL and NRL. To explain more, this guide will look into how to bet the half-time/full-time 1X market.

A full-time bet would be something like the Lucky 15 bet. The wager is very popular among bettors because it only requires the punters to select four market options and it is something that you will hear many football and horse race punters try to pull off. The Lucky 15 wager consists of 15 individual wagers, including four singles, six doubles, and a large four-fold accumulator.

Tips to Bet on the Winner at the 1st Half, 2nd Half and Full Time Odds

This type of wagering attracts a lot of interest from gamblers because it is among the most common types where you just need one option to win to get paid. There are even bookmakers who will payout double odds if there’s only one winner in the Lucky 15, which earned this type of betting the name lucky.

However, in football games, a simple and direct approach to use on the lucky 15 bets would be to simply look at the weekend games and select four winning options. They must all have the same value.

The odds on favourites don’t have to be huge for a Lucky 15. If all four selections came up at 1/2 odds, you would make over $25, which hugely results from the accumulator odds added to the bet. But how do we incorporate the Half time/Full time 1/X option into our lucky bets?

How to use the Half time/Full time/ 1/X market options in the Lucky 15 bet?

If Chelsea were playing against relegation threatened Norwich at home. The outright market may be 1/5, while if you were to stake a Chelsea HT/Chelsea FT bet. Odds for the blues may be 4/6 to win at half time and full time.

You must realise that wagering on the Half Time/Full Time market offers more lucrative odds for gamblers. And, it’s simply picking the winner of the wagering contest outright. This represents an important information bettors must be aware of. Otherwise, winning might look like a big deal.

In addition to this, bonuses are among the tools that might increase your chances of winning bets. For those who wish to know how to find the best world cup bonus on bet365, lots of information are present online. After all, the most popular sporting events in the world is the best tournament to make the most of your Half time/Full time/ 1/X market options in the Lucky 15 bet.

How to Bet on the 1/X Market

Nevertheless, the greater value in Half Time/Full Time bets comes when a team loses a lead at halftime and ends up drawing (Half Time/Full Time 1/X). Of course it will be a hard call to make but you should get an idea from the odds presented.

What are the options to look for in this case? If you considered a Chelsea/Draw option, the game would appear to favour the team with the upper hand. Instead, you’ll want to look at games where the teams are relatively even. A squad that does not score a lot of goals but plays solid defence as an example. If the event is loop-sided, then you would have a high chance of a draw.

Around a third of the games for an entire season will end in a draw, according to soccer statistics. In a way, it’s not a high return, because when you look at it from another perspective, two-thirds of games don’t end in a draw, so backing a draw is already against the odds. So far only 20% of all Premier League games (357 total) ended in a draw. This season hasn’t included any draws compared to last year, when 28% of its games were tied.

Bottom Line

There are two components in the Half Time / Full Time market. So you would need to focus on teams that are more likely to win at the break. Usually, it will be the top clubs but if you look outside of City, Liverpool, and Chelsea, you will find clubs like Southampton who win a third of their games at halftime. Those are the teams you should be looking out for when you want to bet.

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